Terms & FAQ
Payment Forms Accepted:  I accept money orders, cashiers
checks, Western Union, bank transfers or personal checks (as long as
they will clear the bank) and of course, cash.  My preferred form of
payment is cash or a transfer from your bank to mine.  It's fast,
easy and you don't have to worry about payment reaching me by mail.  
This also insures that the horse or pony you are wanting to purchase
is still available.  I have had so many potential customers tell me to
consider a horse sold and then I never receive the money.  It
conveniently gets lost in the mail! :) And I have to start the whole
selling process over again. We also accept credit cards through
PAYPAL.  (Buyer is responsible for the 3% fee for credit card
transactions).  Contact me for more info.
Payments:  Depending on the price and the horse/pony, I will
sometimes accept payments.  Terms
do not go over 30 days.  Buyer is
responsible for board from the time of purchase to time of pick up or
horses.  Buyer is responsible for any vet or farrier care during this
time period.  
Shipping Info:  I can help arrange shipping.  If it's a short trip,
I can do it myself. Horse/pony must be picked up within 30 days from
date of purchase.  This gives the buyer a reasonable amount of time
to find transport and it gives me plenty of time to get health
certificates taken care of.  Board will be charged at the rate of $3
per day for ponies and $5 per day for horses from time of purchase
to time of pickup or delivery. Transport rates vary depending on
length of trip and routes.  
Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  
Thanks and have a great day!
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do we get our horses?  We get a few in on trade and buy a
lot from the local sales.  We've been in business for a little over 15
years and have been attending auctions for the same.  I have a
pretty good eye and know what I'm looking for when I go.  That's not
to say that I don't still get burned on occasion.  I bring the
horse/pony home, ride it, see what we think and go from there.
How do trade-ins work?  Bring your horse/pony down and let us
have a look.  You can also email pics and info.  Be realistic on pricing
when trying to trade one in.  I base what I give on trade for what I
think I can sell them for.
What do I do if I get my horse/pony home and we're not a
good match?
 Call or email me.  Sometimes they just need time to
settle in a little.  And other times it could be more.  If they don't
work out for whatever reason, we always take them back in on trade
at the time, we can also try to sell them for you.  We don't give
refunds as we've usually invested that money in something else so we
can start over.