A Few Happy Customers!  
We had such fun yesterday taking them.  
Teddy just lay on the ground and Jade was
just all over him and he never did a thing.  
As for lazy Joey - talk about lazy.  He
doesn't go very far very fast.  Your
absolutely right though that if you keep after
him he does eventually keep moving
forward it just takes all the energy out of
you to do it!"
Thanks Kyra
All 3 reside in Sanger, TX!
Thanks for such a wonderful pony.  She's everything you said
and so was the last one that I bought from you.  Happy is
great.  We had her feet done and she's doing very well now.  
Feel free to use me as a reference!  Thanks again.
Edith, "Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Marsha from Pampa, TX.  I told her about to help her out.  I was very
everytime I found something I liked, it was sold.  I was watching her ride him yesterday, I know they will become the best of
friends.  I will continue to recommend you to people I know!  You are a rare find in the horse sales business."  Thanks again  Brenda
and seems to really like my 5-year old daughter.  She is more interested in brushing him and leading him around than riding him.  I’I
hope all is well with you and your family.  Have a great year!
Tucker has lived up to our expectations and is taking great care of my children.  Tucker has been given the nickname "million
dollar pony" by my friends because he is so good with my 5-year old daughter.  He did better than a lot of "big" horses on a local
trail ride.  Keep offering safe, gentle horses and I'll be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for their perfect horse.  
Autumn Baird
Spanky has been a great adventure this week and we have had so much fun with him.  Holland has really enjoyed working
to let them know.  So needless to say we will be on the web site again.
Thanks again for our new friend.

The Poole's
Hi Edith,

I tried Dancer (Orion) out last night and he was everything you said he would be and more.  I love him so much, he is so cute
and perfect for what I was looking for.  I would recommend for anyone who is buying a horse to buy from you.  He stopped
on a dime just like your ad said.  He is sound and sweet, absolutely perfect.  He is my dream come true.  Thank you so very
much for your services and honesty in your business.  If I buy any other horses in the future, I plan to buy from you.  I will tell
everyone who is asking for nice horses to come to you.  Thank you again for everything!  

Best Regards,


Molly is great!  I thought we would have to go through 3 or 4 ponies to find the right one but we found her and she was the
first one!  My granddaughter loves her and so do we. They get along great. Thanks so much for such a wonderful pony.  If
we need another, we know where to come!  

John & Cindy

horses for the past 25 years -- it is rare to come across such a honest, forthcoming, and yet knowledgeable horse person
such as yourself! I have bought three horses from you and it is clear that you are more concerned about building lasting
relationships than making "a quick sale". You have never steered me wrong, and I would recommend you in a heart-beat
you in the future!

Thanks for everything,

Thank you for the perfect match for our
daughter Madi Mae.  She loves "her
Sally"  everything is going well and she
seems well adjusted.  Thought you
would like to see a happy customer.  
Thank you again for all the assistance
and patience.  We are so pleased and will
recommend you to anyone who asks
as I am sure they will.  Madi is now 2 1/2
and as you can see very pleased
as well.  

Jason, Monica & Madi Mae Raygoza
on a little weight and my son
is riding him all over. real
soon. thanks again for him
Wanted to update you on is
so loveable and my son
loves him. rides him
everyday. thanks again. lori
Getting ready for
playdays in Fletcher,
OK!  Good luck!!
"Sally" now lives
in Glendale, CA!
on him her first try on the first day.  I think he would even let the five year old catch him.  He just doesn't trust adults but he
goes right up to the kids.  Kaittlynne, the granddaughter, on the first day has caught him, saddled him, brushed, curried,
and combed him.  She has also washed around his eyes and checked his ears.  Cash lets her do what ever she wants with
and content with her new pony.  Thank you so much for Cash, he is great!  I could never say enough about how wonderful
he is.  I'm glad you found a home for Cricket.  I bet she will be a great family horse too.
When I need another horse I'll be sure to check out what you have to offer.
Thank you,  Barbara Porter
Lefors, Texas
Now in Wichita Falls, TX!
Hey! You probably don't remember me, I'm the 15 yr old who bought that starved Thoroughbred from you last August. Gabriel really amazing at it. I can't thank you enough for
finding him for me. He's everything I've ever wanted. Last night I was sitting on the arena fence scratch his "good spot" on his neck and he was rubbin' up against me and leaning
into my hand, it was having a professional photographer out soon, so I'll definitely send some of those. He's so amazing! He turned 10 on March 19th and we threw a big birthday
shoot each other with water guns (he's got such a level head!). He's by far the barn favorite, he's so gentle and sweet. I keep waiting for something to be wrong with him, but he's
shoot each other with water guns (he's got such a level head!). He's by far the barn favorite, he's so gentle and sweet. I keep waiting for something to be wrong with him, but he's
perfect! He even stood still when our farrier put his first shoes on him last week! Gabriel told me to ask you if he could be on your "Happy Customers" page (only if you have
enough room of course). We're just so absolutely, perfectly around) but still has some spunk in him. Like all true Thoroughbreds, he loves to gallop! He's been so wonderful for
me. The old cowpony I used to ride would pick up a little gallop if I asked, but we never went very fast because I was always to afraid. Even though I'd trst that horse with my life,
than I ever have before! And I know that I can handle it when he takes off in the back pasture (he's  afraid on wild turkeys) or bucks when he doesn't want to change leads, that I
can handle it. He's the perfect balance between being calm and sweet to walk little kids around on and being bold enough to give me a challenging ride. I'll never be able to thank
you enough for finding him for me. He's the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Just a few weeks after he arrived so did another horse. She was sweet, with an ok build, but
wild and dangerous to ride and work around on the ground. The owner had done the same thing I did; gone to a dealer to buy a horse. I'm just grateful that I found someone so
honest and knowledgeable to help me. I really don't know what I would have ended up with if I hadn't have found you (probably something like the psycho mare), you're really a gift
from God. A friend of ours (the one who I rode with before I got Gabe) actually just recently asked me to help her find a nice safe beginner horse.  Sorry for the novel, I'm off to my
lesson now. Thank you so much for Gabriel, he's been such a dream, I can't believe its been 8 months! I'll never be able to repay you! Thank you so much for your time, and
interest in me and finding me the right horse, hope you can do the same for Lisa. Love, Caitlin and Gabe!
Just thought I would send you new photo
of Missy.She has settled in, eating good,
riding and learning well.  Very level
headed mare, easy to work with, gets
along great with my jenny's Baby & Sugar.
Have taken her to the local Roundup club
several times and she has taken well with
objects, etc. Just now putting a short lope
on her and she is becoming consistent.
Will be quite a looker now and in the
future with a good pedigree. Sincerely,
peggy/krebs, OK
Prettiest Gals in
South Central OK!!!
Krebs, OK!!
Edith,  We rode Prince and Sweetie Pie Saturday for about 5 hours.  They both did outstanding!  Sweetie, as we have come
to call her, is going to be great to teach my 6 yr old to ride.  Her saddle slid about 1/2 way off and she did not seem to mind.  
Thanks for keeping good, honest, family horses available at reasonable prices.  

The Fords
happy with shorty. He’s exactly what I wanted for
her to start with. We also got good news about
his feet. The farrier says he hasn’t been
foundered that it just came from neglect.  A
couple of trimmings and he said he would be like
it looks great. Thanks again.  Jolene
Sundance!  He is great with her.  She hugs on him
constantly.  She likes leading him around as
much as riding him.  He follows her like a puppy
and stops when she stops, which being only five
she does a lot of going and stopping!  He is very
loving, too.  He is so calm, but he eases up for a
rub or hug.  The only thing I have found so far that
makes him a little nervous is the fly spray, but he
only tries to ease away-no running or other bad
behavior.  He does not have much of a problem
with me rubbing it on with a sponge.  Much thanks
Brandi & Christianna
Now residing in Delhi, Louisiana with
CAN                MISTY LEWIS
Cherokee has made a huge impact on us. I knew that a mule
was a smart animal, I just never knew how smart. We took
her on a trail ride today. Everyones horse had convulsions
from behind some bushes. Little Cherokee just stopped and
watched while we all gathered our mounts. When we
returned to the barn Kate (Cherokees owner) grabed the
business end of a garden hose and started washing
Cherokee down. The only hard part for Kate in doing this was
keeping the hose out of Cherokees mouth. Cherokee is a
wonderful partner for my daughter. Thank You Edith for
making it possible for her to be in our family.  Mary Bruce
"Cherokee" now resides
in Yukon, OK with Kate!
more every day.  I bought him for my 15 yr old daughter.  They are a perfect match.  I would recommend your site to anyone
looking for that special horse as I will be again myself real soon. Will be sending photos of Fritz & Lauren once they get in the
show ring.
the road then he picks up the pace a little. he really likes to get out and go. Kara can not ride by herself so I'm not sure how he
reins, but we did put a bit in his mouth and he took it easily. He doesnt like his feet messed with or fly spray..HA!! But he will get
used to it. He is so sweet and gentle.. Kara just loves him. She calls him "Her Rocky". My two year old nephew tripped and fell
underneath him last weekend and Rocky just stood there and looked at him...He doesnt have a mean bone in his body. He loves
the other big horses and the pasture. We only let him out two hours a day, his neck it thick and had some nodules in it so we
were afraid he might founder if we let him out too long... I am postive we will spend many wonderful years with him. Thank you
so much, he is worth his weight in gold!!
Amber Zwicky and family
Hi Edith,
Just wanted to say thanks for everything.  From putting up with all of my questions to my many phone calls.  Jessie is enjoying
Peaches more than you can imagine.  She can't wait to take her to a playday to show off:)  Have a great Christmas!

We love Mickey(a.k.a. "Slick") he is absolutely wonderful for my kids. ANYONE could handle and ride him! We love him! Thanks
again. Jaymi
I wanted to drop a quick note. We really appreciate your efforts on Friday. Rambo traveled very well and is a great ride. I am  
looking forward to working with him. Our paint is very happy as well.  You are right we are spoiling him. Thanks again!!  Doug
Dear Edith,
son rode Scooter around on Friday morning and really enjoyed the pony, and I led Maddison around on Saturday and she had a
ball. She was so excited to get  to ride again,and to have her own little pony again. We are very happy  with our purchase and
would refer you to any of our friends looking for a good kid horse or pony.Thanks and have a great New Year..
Hey girl, wanted to let you know that we are having a great time with Sandy, Carissa renamed her Sugar.  She's a quiet ride, I
put Carissa on her and I or her brother get on Princess (the big black mare) and she's happy as a lark to go wherever the fun

Thought I'd send you a line or two and let you know how
much we love Smoke.  He has really turned out to be a
good guy.  Kristin is no longer scared and will ride
anything.  She is training him for barrels.  They go to
private lessons once a week.  He is a wonderful mover.
Thank you for him!  I've attached a couple photos of
them together.  You won't believe it.  Have a great day!
Best regards,

Samantha Dean
Kris and Smoke in their first 4H point show! Way to go!!!
Sorry it has taken so long to write. Just want you to know how
much we enjoy Bertie. I could not have asked for a more
forgiving teacher for Tara. He is so patient with her. She is
really gaining the confidence she needed. I can assure you he
has a forever home. Again, thank you so much for being truthful
and making his purchase so easy. I had looked for a really long
time and can not wait til we do business again.
Melissa Hill
teaching another little girl how to ride!
I just wanted to give you an update on Diamond. She is doing wonderful!
She is eating like a horse and putting on some much needed weight! J
But more than anything, she is extremely gentle, fun and patient with
us. As you know, my husband & I are very inexperienced horse people.
Our 17-year old daughter usually has to do everything for us! Well, she
was gone last weekend and Rob & I wanted to ride Diamond, so we
saddled her up all on our own. When it came to the bridle/bit we had to
put it in 3 different times until we got it right and Diamond just stood
there each time like she was saying “ that’s o.k. you can do it”. She
neck reins wonderfully and she also has a little spunk, but she knows
her commands and she never tries to get away with anything. We both
feel very safe on her!
Thank you for working with us and helping us get the perfect horse to
fit our needs, we do appreciate it. We will definitely keep you in mind for
referrals. Enjoy the picture!
The Mooney’s
Weston, TX
Doing a little trail riding in Weston, TX!!
Breigh just loves Lucy. She has been riding her at least 3 days out of
5th birthday and they all loved it. We are very happy with Lucy. Breigh is
very comfortable on her and absolutely adores her.

"Lucy" is in McAlester, OK with Breigh!
I'm feeding him 4 gallons a day and getting him juiced up.  I've ridden him 4 times now and he was great.  The saddle is
good too.  I'm very pleased with both.  Thanks again.

Lone Grove, OK

Hi Edith!

I just wanted to let you know that Romeo (now named Gideon) is fitting in pretty well here in Princeton, Texas...

We took him to his first pony ride.  He was nervous at first, but calmed down quickly.  The kids had a great time, and
Gideon has proven himself to be a wonderful pony for the Ranch.  Thank you, Danielle Hicks

Wanted to tell you we are pleased with Princess and we are having the farrier come out and put new shoes on her the
right way and some that will help her.  She let my granddaughter ride bareback and my husband likes her too.  We will
really enjoy her and take good care of her, she is so sweet and loves attention!!!  Hope you find Dolly a good home, she is
a great horse and we have babied her from day one!!  We hated to get rid of her but she will be a good fast horse for a
good rider. Thanks again, KAY WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS Have a great day!!

Hi Edith, thought I would let you know that the horse (no name yet) made it fine.  My son and I were in the round pen
working with a weanling.  My son called to my son-in-law to bring the new horse up so he could see him.  Garrett (son)
looped the halter rope and jumped on bareback.  After just a minute he said "this one is mine".  He's over six feet so it
was pretty funny.  Needless to say, we are very pleased.  My daughter rode him in the pasture and we got back after
dark.  Even being in a new place, with new horses, dogs, etc, he did great.  Although he was a little ouchy, he did well in
the rocks.  Garrett picked up all four feet and doesn't think it will take too much to have him doing better with his feet.  
Don't forget my "little kids" horse.

Thanks again,

Hi Edith,
I just wanted to let you know that I changed Fancy's name to "Prairie" and she is doing fine.  Also, I wanted to ask you
what kind of bit you used on her when you and your daughter rode her.  I have been spoiling her rotten and introducing
her to the other farm animals.  Thanks again for such a wonderful horse.  I love her!  Talk to you later.


I got my first ride on Major today.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Such a pleasure to ride.  You know that I don't have my
confidence level built up yet, but with Major, he made me feel good about myself.  We walked, trotted, and galloped and
he was so willing to please.  I feel very safe on him.  You have a great eye for the gentle horses.  He stood still for
grooming, tacking up, and stood still for me using a mounting block to mount him.  He is so laid back, but can quickly
change into a horse that will do anything for you, trot, run, gallop, and walk.  All you have to do is give him the que.  Thank
you so much.  Major will be last horse due to my age, but at only 12, he will last me as long as I want to continue to ride.  I
can't wait to take him to the lake to trail ride.  I also had some very "I Know Everything There Is To Know About Horses"
friends over today, and they were extremely impressed.  Thank you again for taking care of this 50 year old lady that is
just a beginner rider and does not hit the ground and bounce like she used to.  Major is definitely a safe and sound
horse.  I am in heaven.  I would highly recommend you to anyone.  
Love and God Bless!
Jan Talley

Just wanted to let you know how much Katy is enjoying Pepper (Katy changed her name to Willow).  She is gentle and
has the sweetest personality. Katy loves her to death and I couldn't be more pleased.  Thanks so much!!


I have turned  the Donkey out with the cows.

When I drive out to check the cows he comes running (and braying) he will follow me everywhere like a little puppy.  I am
not sure that he would not jump in the back of the pickup if I would let him.

Thanks again - Richard

I'm the person who bought Princess  & Sparkie in Bartlesville Oklahoma.. I wanted to let you know these are GREAT
horses and they are doing wonderful.  We have renamed her Cheyenne.

Sparky has been renamed Shorty and he is just so cute and cuddly, he lets us hug on him and he doesn't flinch at all..  
Both have ridden on the trail as well as the hwy and do wonderful.. I want to thank you for such great horses and when
I'm ready for another I'll be sure to see what you have first.. I've also told everyone about your website and told them to
keep you in mind when wanting a horse... Thanks again


Hi Edith,

I wanted to let you know that the gray mare is doing great.  We have decided to call her Secret.  She did very good on the
way home and the farrier was at the barn when I arrived so he put front shoes on her.  She stood like a champ and has
most definitely had shoes in the past.  One of the barn kids rode her for a little bit and she did great.  I put her out with my
yearlings because they have a round bale and she had no trouble bossing them around.  Thanks so much, I am very
pleased with her.

Take care,
"Sonny" is with Nikki in Bixby, OK!
"Sweet Pea" with her new owner in Arkansas!  
With her new owner in Lawton, OK!
He turned out better than we expected him to be. I
my daughter Bailey is giving him, but he is not horse
continue to monitor your web site for the additional
horses that we are looking for.  Thank you for being
up front and honest.

Rick Yaussi
great on 300 ac. and nothing bothers him. It
is so nice not having to pony her on her
other horse.   Thanks.

Misty and
her and tell EVERYONE about her. I
appreciate your honesty so much and all
the time you took answering my questions
about each horse I asked about. You have
good family horses at reasonable prices.
Feel free to use me as a reference any
time. I will send pics of the girls riding
soon!! Thanks!!
I purchased a headstall and reins from you
when I purchased it. It was everything you
said and more!!!  Cheveo and I love it and we
will definitely be back when we need
something else. It was a pleasure doing
business with you and I can't wait to do it
again!!! Fast shipment too. I will definitely
recommend you to everyone I know.  Thank
you so very much.
P.S. Keep up the great work!!!
Here is a picture of the horse I got from you and my
daughter doing a playday event together. We are so
happy with her. Thank you,
Jackie McMullen
Trail riding with her new owner in Carney, OK!!
With her new owner at the Stilwell Rodeo!!
With a young lady at a playday in Texas!!
Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know
that I adore Gypsy.  She actually ended up being my
pony for now.  We go out riding just about every
morning before it gets too hot.  My neighbors are
having a new septic system installed and she
walked right by the backhoe and stones being
dumped without a care, and  Brandi rides her
dirtbike in the pasture and she couldn't care less.  
She's a doll.  

Just an update on Cisco, he is wonderful!!  We love
him so much. He is started on the barrel pattern and
hang out with his new friends!!  Thank-you so much!!

Dalene Greene
great pleasure around our farm. The grandkids love I
want to thank you so much for Shadow. She is a her
so much. She is so gentle around them that I don't
mind them getting in the field around her. Thanks
         Donna Samut
Didn't know if maybe ya wanted another
pic for your happy customers page. I found
another keeper from ya!! lol. We put
Zakhary up there with keri & she stood
still as a board!! Keri loves her too cause
she can jump on her bareback & ride
down the road & show off for the boys! lol.
And my mom's husband has never rode
before & he can ride her with no problem
around the field & really likes her. He's
already said if I dedcide to sell her, he'll
buy her. So she's probably gonna be here
Maybe we'll get a  paint out of her!? Nicole
Dear Edith,

Here are some photos of Darby and Spirit.  He is doing great  
here.  Darby has a lot of confidence on him.  Thanks again, and I
will email you later about the babysitter horse I'm looking for.  
Sincerely, Tammy Dean
I thought I'd just send you a quick email and let you know that
really taken to all of us.  He's such a sweetheart.  I couldn't be life.  
I've ridden him a few times, and he rides and handles beautifully.  
I'm so happy to have him.  
Thank you for taking him in and offering him for sale again, and for
being able to deliver him.  It worked out perfectly.  If we ever need
another horse, we'll check with you.

Here are a couple of pictures of him - we figured out blue is his

Thanks again, and take care.
Hi Edith,
How are you?  Copper turned out to be a good one for
Tori.  He is great with her.

Here is a picture of my daughter on
that paint we bought from you
November. He's doing great & we
love him so much! Jolene
Just wanted to let you know the haflinger gelding
(Chico) is doing great. He went on his first trail ride
Sat. and could not have been better. He went
through mud and water and up and down ravines,
basically went wherever he was pointed and did
what he was told. Not spooky at all. We rode to the
store and went past playgrounds and kids and
dogs and he didn't care. He wasn't lazy either. He
really seemed to be having fun. Thanks for the new
family member. :)  Patti
Hi, Edith!
Sugar is doing great! I can't wait to ride her she is
so gentle and sweet! And I went out to catch her he
other day and she started running so i thought she
was running from me! boy was I wrong she was
chasing a wild turkey! And the day after I got her
she was herding the cows! and if I shake a can of
grain and yell ''Sugar'' really loud then take off
running she chases me but she dosent get ahead
of me she just does a fast trot beside me and
reaches over to nibble at the can! we are so very
happy with her.

Sugar and Annie
Katy, Alysha and Skippy
Hello! I'm not sure if you remember, but way back in August 2004 you sold me a rather skinny, kinda iffy 9 year old Thoroughbred. I was 15 at the time and had worked all summer
to buy a horse. And what a horse I got! Gabriel Eugene (he's a bit mischievous, thus the middle name) has been such a blessing in my life! I remember being so doubtful when,
doped up, crazy horses from auctions. You've got some eye though, because Gabriel is, and has been from the start, fantastic. He was such a great partner through my high
school years- especially with 4-H. We'd have pool-noodle jousting, hula-hoop tossing, water gun wars- just about any ridiculous game you could think of. Gabriel put up with it all
like he was an old bomb-proof Quarter Horse. On top of that, he willing went along with any discipline I wanted to try. From hunters  to western pleasure to barrel racing- Gabe's
done it all. Gabe had to stay back home for my first year and a half of college (although I'm not sure he minded- he was out on 15 acres with a bunch of broodmares). However, we
moved him down last winter and he has adjusted splendidly! He still doesn't like cows (there are a couple longhorns across the street that he, without fail, tries to spook at), but
he has discovered how lovely swimming in stock tanks is. We spend most of our time just goofing off and probably won't be competing much until I complete my undergrad. It's

know how things are going.  Cowboy is
doing well with his new pasture mates.  He
and the family are doing a little training to
make sure that we all understand one
another and get off to a great start.  So far
we all seem to be happier than when he
first arrived and I didn't know that was
going to be possible.
Thank you so much for your help in finding
the perfect horse for us.  Now that we have
one...maybe next year we will come back to
you for number 2.  Just a thought.

Darlene - Sherman TX
she sees me. I can let her go and she will
so spoiled she nickers at me every time I'm
Butcher Pen where I live, we go on trail
rides out in the woods with my dad and my
husband and kids and she does just great
for me. Thank you so much, I
am very pleased with her.
Casper and our other horse get along
great and are best of friends !!
Thanks for such a great horse !  We
will enjoy him very much and so will
our grandkids !!  
Thanks and have a great day!!   Kay